Congratulations, You’re Getting Married! Here a Few Motif Ideas

Owning a dressy jumpsuits and planning her own wedding is every woman’s dream. The thought of making their wedding dreams into a reality is enough to make them smile from ear to ear. It’s all fun and games when you’re stuck with deciding what’s considered one of the most confusing part ever: choosing a motif. There are countless ideas but in an effort to veer away from the classic black and white wedding, here are six ideas that are quite out of the ordinary but still embody a classy and timeless beauty.


Minty Fresh Marriage

Using the mint color in the very pale shade is pleasing to the eyes of everyone since green is a cool and natural color that we always see. You can use this at a church wedding or at a beach wedding since this color compliments the usual brown-colored pews in the church, or the blue sea and sky in the beach.


Red Velvet I Do’s

Having a fair share of red in your wedding is a great choice as it symbolizes love, which is the whole point of the entire event. It’s best paired with the classic white to give it a good mix of purity and strong love shared between two people that are about to unite as one through the power of two words: “I do”.


Rose, Gold, & Glittery Everything

Can you already imagine yourself in a picture with your friends in gold sequin bridesmaid dresses in your wedding? You can also add a feminine touch to this and opt for a rose gold sequin bridesmaid dresses. Gold is a magical color and anything paired to it automatically looks astonishing. It’s a color you can never go wrong with.


Beige for Life

Beige is a neutral color that also goes well with everything. You can pair this with the elegant white or a classic black for a nice combination that would surely look good in your wedding photos together with your pets who’s shopping at pet supplies online.


Navy Newly-Weds

Deciding to go navy blue on your special day is a rare but wise choice. This color looks the best on the men who are part of you wedding. It’s best paired with white, so you could go for a navy blue and white themed wedding for an equal mix of femininity and masculinity on the day of your marriage.


Blush is Forever

The blush palette is somehow similar to the rose colored theme, but the blush is a much paler shade. If white is too much of a cliche for you, can opt for this color as it adds a bit of a color to your momentous event.


Most Iconic Style Trends by Rachel Green from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

A show that revolves around six friends residing in the city that never sleeps, struggling in the roller coaster ride called life, all the while being there for each other through the ups and downs — F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The 90’s show that everyone could relate to and the show that made people feel the best kind of stomach pain from laughing so hard, was and is still one of the most loved tv series up until today. Aside from the plot, the humor and the relatable episodes, one factor that made this show a hit are the actors that brought its characters to life. If you’re fashion savvy, surely you’re obsessed with the style of Rachel Green in the show. It’s no secret that Jennifer Aniston could rock any outfit, so here are a few style trends that her character in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. made popular together with online pet supply store in their studio.



Before people started calling it crop tops, Rachel Green already donned midriffs and paired it with loose pants and showed a little of her stomach. Aside from Jennifer Aniston from F.R.I.E.N.D.S., another iconic character who also sported a midriff is Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman. Both actresses looked so good and made everyone jealous, leading them to wear it too.


Denim Overalls

Denims are a classic so with plus size nightgowns, and it was a big trend back in the 90’s and Rachel Green might have something to do with that. In one of the early episodes, Rachel wore a denim overall with a black and white striped undershirt and finished off by layering an oversized blazer. Not the normal choice one would go for but, it definitely looked good on her.


A shirt under a spaghetti strap dress

We may have seen this trend being worn today which is inspired by Korean Fashion. I hate to break it to you, but Rachel Green already wore this back in the 90’s. She may not have worn it in the colors we consider cute today but she looked good nevertheless.


Plaid Anything

Long before Britney Spears made plaid a big thing around the world, there was Rachel Green already rocking plaid mini skirts and tight dresses on the show. On one episode with Ross’s monkey, she was seen wearing a plaid mini skirt paired with a turtleneck long sleeved top and with an updo hair and knee high varsity socks. On other episodes, she also plaid dresses and plaid skirts paired with equally fashionable tops.


I’m sure there are a lot more of these style trends by Rachel Green that we’ve all adored along with its tankini swimwear, but these are some of the ones that really blew up, making Rachel Green/ Jennifer Aniston a trendsetter we look up to until now. Whether we let her wear an elegant one piece jumpsuit paired with an amazon sterling silver earrings or an oversized jersey paired with her iconic braided pigtails hairstyle, she will once again make us drool over how good she looks.

Five Countries You Should Have on Your Bucketlist

If you’re one of those people who love to travel, you may have your own bucket list filled with places you wanna visit and make sure to bring baby essential needs for your babies in travelling. It’s easy to think that travelling to beautiful places requires you a thick wad of cash but if you look harder, there are actually of places to go even when you’re under a strict budget. Wherever you go, you will surely have a good time especially in these countries.


It’s a must to see one of nature’s most beautiful views, the northern lights. Don’t forget to pack your camera to capture some Instagram-worthy photos that you could show your family and friends back home.


You should at least have one tropical country on your list so you can experience to beat the heat like no other. The Philippines is known to have great beaches and marketing agency like CEBU SEO that you could ever see. Toss those winter clothes away and get those beach bodies ready to fit the bikinis you bought from the women’s swimwear store a long time ago. In the Philippines, get the beach therapy you didn’t know you need!


You can’t miss out on a tour of the gardens and temples of Kyoto where most of women crowds wearing dressy rompers and jumpsuits. For those who are highly interested in history, expect to learn a lot of things in Japan for they are rich in culture and history. Aside from photos and new experiences, you will definitely take home additional knowledge about the Land of the Rising Sun.


Explore life under the sea and dive the Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven wonders of the world. Get rid of those fancy men and women’s clothing and get your swimming gears ready for an experience down under.


A trek to Machu Picchu is known to be one of the most popular activities to do here and you have to try to know why. With thorough research and right planning, you’ll definitely have a great time while taking in the breathtaking view of South America’s archaeological site.


Talking about these places may leave you imagining yourself already on a plane to one of these countries. Everyone loves to travel and just the thought of exploring new places and gaining memorable experience already got us wishing that plane tickets were free. “To travel is to live” the say, and we all can’t wait for the day we can do just that.

Try Something New with these Five Artsy Trends

When was the last time you tried something new, or learned and mastered a new skill? With the rise of online classes, there are countless things you could learn anytime anywhere. It doesn’t hurt to get into creative hobbies for fun and to relieve stress from hard work but making sure baby essentials is a must to bring. Learning something new is exciting because you can discover an outlet where you could use the creative juices you have in you, and very therapeutic since it can help calm your mind and just enjoy what you’re doing.


Calligraphy/ Hand Lettering

Calligraphy is the art of writing letters in a very meticulous manner using a dip pen with a nib and ink which helps in creating thin and thick strokes with varying degrees of pressure all in a single stroke. On the other hand, hand lettering (some may call it “faux calligraphy) is the art of drawing letters with any pen, such as gel pens, sharpies or brush pens. Both uses discipline in making the text look beautiful, but hand lettering is more creative and the artist have more control over how the letters would look like.



With the advent of social media, almost everyone suddenly became interested in taking photos to have something to post online like photos with your pets or photos buying some pet supplies online store with your pets. Take your photos to another level by formally learning about photography. Ask a friend or enroll in online classes to make your photos stand out in social media. Don’t be afraid to learn about how to work a camera to your advantage, like adjusting the aperture or controlling the focus, and many more.


Coloring for Adults

Try going to the nearest bookstore near you and look for adult coloring books. There are a lot of themes to choose from ― garden, floral, or mandala patterns. Test your imagination and challenge yourself to give color to a black and white page. After coloring, express your pride and joy by snapping a photo of your masterpiece and upload it on Instagram!


Creative Writing

Blogging has become so popular today and whether you’re doing it just for yourself or for other people to see, it’s a great outlet to release your thoughts and put it into words. You can develop different styles of writing, may it be narrative, descriptive, or even essay writing. Try doing a review on that amazon earrings, some dressy jumpsuits you bought or write about shopping rompers for women for practice!


Just like the popular saying, “never be afraid to try something new because life gets boring when you stay in the limits of what you already know”. Whatever you wanna do, go do it. Who knows? It could be the plot twist in your life you’ve been waiting for.