Congratulations, You’re Getting Married! Here a Few Motif Ideas

Owning a dressy jumpsuits and planning her own wedding is every woman’s dream. The thought of making their wedding dreams into a reality is enough to make them smile from ear to ear. It’s all fun and games when you’re stuck with deciding what’s considered one of the most confusing part ever: choosing a motif. There are countless ideas but in an effort to veer away from the classic black and white wedding, here are six ideas that are quite out of the ordinary but still embody a classy and timeless beauty.


Minty Fresh Marriage

Using the mint color in the very pale shade is pleasing to the eyes of everyone since green is a cool and natural color that we always see. You can use this at a church wedding or at a beach wedding since this color compliments the usual brown-colored pews in the church, or the blue sea and sky in the beach.


Red Velvet I Do’s

Having a fair share of red in your wedding is a great choice as it symbolizes love, which is the whole point of the entire event. It’s best paired with the classic white to give it a good mix of purity and strong love shared between two people that are about to unite as one through the power of two words: “I do”.


Rose, Gold, & Glittery Everything

Can you already imagine yourself in a picture with your friends in gold sequin bridesmaid dresses in your wedding? You can also add a feminine touch to this and opt for a rose gold sequin bridesmaid dresses. Gold is a magical color and anything paired to it automatically looks astonishing. It’s a color you can never go wrong with.


Beige for Life

Beige is a neutral color that also goes well with everything. You can pair this with the elegant white or a classic black for a nice combination that would surely look good in your wedding photos together with your pets who’s shopping at pet supplies online.


Navy Newly-Weds

Deciding to go navy blue on your special day is a rare but wise choice. This color looks the best on the men who are part of you wedding. It’s best paired with white, so you could go for a navy blue and white themed wedding for an equal mix of femininity and masculinity on the day of your marriage.


Blush is Forever

The blush palette is somehow similar to the rose colored theme, but the blush is a much paler shade. If white is too much of a cliche for you, can opt for this color as it adds a bit of a color to your momentous event.


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