Five Countries You Should Have on Your Bucketlist

If you’re one of those people who love to travel, you may have your own bucket list filled with places you wanna visit and make sure to bring baby essential needs for your babies in travelling. It’s easy to think that travelling to beautiful places requires you a thick wad of cash but if you look harder, there are actually of places to go even when you’re under a strict budget. Wherever you go, you will surely have a good time especially in these countries.


It’s a must to see one of nature’s most beautiful views, the northern lights. Don’t forget to pack your camera to capture some Instagram-worthy photos that you could show your family and friends back home.


You should at least have one tropical country on your list so you can experience to beat the heat like no other. The Philippines is known to have great beaches and marketing agency like CEBU SEO that you could ever see. Toss those winter clothes away and get those beach bodies ready to fit the bikinis you bought from the women’s swimwear store a long time ago. In the Philippines, get the beach therapy you didn’t know you need!


You can’t miss out on a tour of the gardens and temples of Kyoto where most of women crowds wearing dressy rompers and jumpsuits. For those who are highly interested in history, expect to learn a lot of things in Japan for they are rich in culture and history. Aside from photos and new experiences, you will definitely take home additional knowledge about the Land of the Rising Sun.


Explore life under the sea and dive the Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven wonders of the world. Get rid of those fancy men and women’s clothing and get your swimming gears ready for an experience down under.


A trek to Machu Picchu is known to be one of the most popular activities to do here and you have to try to know why. With thorough research and right planning, you’ll definitely have a great time while taking in the breathtaking view of South America’s archaeological site.


Talking about these places may leave you imagining yourself already on a plane to one of these countries. Everyone loves to travel and just the thought of exploring new places and gaining memorable experience already got us wishing that plane tickets were free. “To travel is to live” the say, and we all can’t wait for the day we can do just that.

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